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Stretford escorts for celebration and commiseration

Traditionally Stretford was a small agricultural market town in Lancashire about three miles from Manchester City centre. That status began to change near the end of the nineteenth century as a big evolvement started to change the whole nature of the town with the development of the Trafford Park industrial estate which roughly coincided with the construction of the Manchester ship canal. The industrial estate eventually stretched as far as the canal terminus and Manchester docks. The canal and industrial estate transformed Stretford forever and now it is difficult to tell where Stretford ends and the City of Manchester begins as the two urbanisations merge.  Partly due to the new rise in working class population leisure activities started to develop with first the Lancashire cricket ground then more aligned with working man Manchester United football club was formed. These now two huge industries boosting the local economy, especially the football, thousands or sports fans descend on the town almost on a weekly basis. The escorts in Stretford are never more needed to help the triumphant set of fans celebrate and help the losing side drown their sorrows; nothing cheers you up more than being with a sizzling hot sexy Stretford escort, she soon helps you forget your recent disappointments.

Escorts in Stretford for a variety of activities

There are many more things to keep Stretford escorts occupied than just entertaining sports fans, though that does keep them especially busy as they even manage to build up an international clientele, keeping their professional life very interesting indeed. There are lots of businessmen visiting the area often spending a few days in the town so as they can mix business with pleasure, watching a game then living it up with one of the sensational party escorts in Stretford. The more discerning business executive is looking for a more sophisticated classier lady for dinner dates and possibly even to accompany him to business functions. Some of the sportier ladies may be invited to make the numbers up in a corporate box where her client is out to impress potential clients. Having a companion with a sensational pair of legs and equally impressive bust and other succulent curves can’t do his chances of clinching that all important deal any harm at all.  Meeting up with Stretford escorts literally turns business into pleasure taking a lot of stress out of the proceeding with a lot of other fringe benefits we can leave to your fertile imaginations.  Seeing one of these stunning ladies again is an incentive to keep in touch with your new business associates.

Stretford escorts visiting the many hotels

The hotels in the area enjoy very high occupancy due to all the sporting, cultural and commercial activities in the town. Some gents just don’t feel the need to go out, needing the rest and recuperation. However, that does not exclude some saucy salacious fun to pass the time with a sexy playmate from Secret Babes Stretford escorts.

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