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Southport Escorts live up to their reputation

This was the first sea side resort on the Lancashire coast and the nearest to the heavily populated area of Merseyside, some think of it as Liverpool by the sea. It was in the dying years of the eighteenth century that a publican developed the idea of building a bathing hut at the end of Lord Street to take advantage of the sea waters. It was also the first popular resort on this Irish Sea coastline as it was easier to get to than Blackpool as the canal routes were used prior to the advent of the railways which opened up Blackpool to the general populace.  From that point Southport became a more exclusive seaside town and was frequented by the gentry. It is now a more upmarket venue to see Southport escorts who are a class above many other companions in the area. There is nothing the escorts in Southport like better than to stroll down Lord Street, reputed to be one of the greatest shopping streets in Northern England with its glass canopy store frontages and tree lined streets that are supposed to have influenced the boulevards of Paris. The ladies enjoy looking at the individual shops and boutique, many of which they has purchased their fashionable apparel from as well as their fine sexy lingerie, that if you are lucky you may get a glimpse of later.

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The town is very much an upmarket resort attracting many well to do middle aged people, notably single gents wanting to get away from it all and take advantage of the great hotels in the area and in particular the many golf courses including Royal Birkdale, this area has earned the name of golf coast. However, what is not quite as loudly publicised it that the sexy escorts in Southport are also high on the list of priorities of many of these gents, whether they are single or just getting away on their own, golf being a great excuse even if it is not the primary reason. This is a place where gents like to take a break and liaise with a pretty lady, someone to rejuvenate him, making him feel twenty plus years younger.

Gents seek comfort from seeing Southport escorts

These ladies are here for those midlife crisis years where men maybe are suffering a little insecurity. The escorts in Southport know how to give them that extra bit comfort boosting their confidence. They worry life has maybe passed them by and they no longer have got what it takes. The sweet embraces and caresses of a frisky frolicsome young temptress will soon give him the reassurance he requires. These sensual young ladies with roaming hands know exactly what buttons to push for an orgasmic response, even a round or two of golf is pushed to the back of their minds as they concentrate on the blissful erogenous pleasure being dispensed by one of the Southport escorts.

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