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Reasons behind Blonde escorts being more popular

There have been numerous surveys conducted that have come to the conclusion that blonde escorts are more likely to be approached. The allure often as not is over the ages blonde have been thought of as being more sexually promiscuous. This arguably has been the case throughout the ages that blonde escorts have been thought of as being more sexually active, even as far as two hundred years ago ladies of the night used to go to great lengths to dye their hair as light a shade as they could to look as blonde as possible to add to their allure. More recently the Hollywood sex sirens of the nineteen fifties and sixties were predominately blonde bombshells as they flaunted their sexuality and promiscuity. In general men are attracted to the idea that blondes are more likely to be good time girls. Another way of thinking is that the Scandinavians who are accredited with as being mostly blonde are noted for their liberal mindedness. When fantasizing about Nordic beauties the image is of a beautiful blonde naked in either a sauna or a hot spa. Men think of blondes as more accessible and easier to get into the boudoir as well as thinking that they are more fun in bed and out of it for that manner. The same applies to blonde escorts Manchester is not exception to that male mindset, where men just assume that blondes are more prurient as well as being good time party girls who love to live it up. You will find that the Secret Babes Blonde escorts live up to the reputation on all counts and will give you a breathtaking experience no matter what you fancy doing.

Shades of Blonde escorts have them all

Each guy has his own idea on what a blonde escort should look like, but there are so many shades of blonde from the darker blonde such as chestnut blonde and strawberry blonde through all the shades to ash and platinum blonde, natural or otherwise, many ladies prefer having different tints or streaks here and there adding a bit of individualism. Many men go for the Swedish or Nordic blonde look, natural light blonde hair and icy blue eyes, that for many guy is the biggest turn on, but again physiologically they are thinking of a sexually liberated woman as that is often the stereotypical image some men have regarding blondes. Their attitude towards blonde escorts is the same.

Secret Babes Blonde escorts in Manchester

Whether they are natural or otherwise our blonde escorts in Manchester  live up to the image of enjoying a good time, but above all giving their clients as much fun, excitement and pleasure as possible. They are very lively and flirty young ladies who love to titillate and tantalise making sure their clients have a wonderful time right from the word go to the very end and lingering long after they have parted. Out ladies really do live up to their billing giving whoever they are with an ecstatic experience.

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