The Deaf Institute Manchester

04 Nov , 2019

One of the best party atmospheres around

This place was voted the best party bar in 2014 by the Design My Night Awards and continues to keep the standards high as it keeps pumping out the tunes. It is also favourably thought of by the NME suggesting that it has quirky charm making it cool, an upgrade on the soul less purpose built modern venues sprouting up. Although it is conveniently situated in the heart of the student populated sector of the city on Oxford street, it still has a diverse appeal and is frequented by all sorts of party goers, not just students and others of their age group.

It caters for many different tastes

What helps with the diverse appeal it has three different bars allowing people to choose the best bar for them on the night, this may vary from one next to the next as the demographic group frequenting each space may vary. Each floor offers something totally different. The basement being dark and mysterious with an element of plushness. This area is perfect for chilling out, lounging around partaking cocktails all evening. The ground floor is open from 4 in the afternoon serving great food and is a quiet chilled atmosphere to spend with friends. Upstairs in the music hall is where it’s all happening. It’s quite a retro club experience with a massive glitter ball and velvet curtains. You will also find a terrace with tiered seating if you want a rest, breath or air, cool down  or a smoke.

Amazingly affordable venue

Drinks and food are affordable, after all it is in the heart of student territory . The Deaf Institute have their own brand of wines, beer and cider, with keeps the prices as low as possible. If you have a Manchester escort as your companion who is into partying rather than just glitz and glamour, she is going to love it here as well.