More People See Escorts Than You Would Imagine

18 Sep , 2019

Its not a thing that many men would admit, but it is much more popular than you would envisage. There is a bit more openness about seeing an escort these days, but the world of punting is still shrouded in secrecy.  Even single guys do not like admitting that they have to pay for a bit of female companionship in case they get ridiculed and laughed at by his mates, some of those mates that are no doubt punters themselves, but again fearful of admitting it. If they were just the few men that admitted that they saw escorts or went to massage parlours, then the industry would be dead. However, the contrary is true. For example just do a search for Manchester escorts, Manchester massage parlours or better still look into the London escorting scene and you will then appreciate how many women make their living or supplement their incomes from escorting. Basically if there was not the demand there would not be the supply, as many capitalist say its market forces.   

Professional gents are doing their bit to make seeing escorts more popular  

At the higher end of the escort market you get businessmen and professional gents who either work so hard and are travelling all over the place for work having a permanent relationship is not conducive to their hectic lifestyle. However, these gentlemen need to wind down from time to time and many of them find there is no better way than seeking out some female companionship. They just don’t have time to go out and find someone, even if they wanted to get involved with the emotional ties involved with having a girl friend. This sector of the industry is expanding as these gents look for no strings attached companionship, dinner dates or a plus one to accompany them to an event, function or wedding.

There are many more reasons why seeing an escort is popular  

Many men just are not satisfied with what they have and boys will be boys as the saying goes and they just cannot help themselves when it comes to needing to see other women as well as their regular partner or girlfriend. These are the many men who have driven the escorting industry for many years throughout the ages; some men are never satisfied. Of course there are many lonely single guys out there that find it difficult in the dating game, due to either not having time or the lack of confidence. Seeking the companionship of an escort from time to time is often the course of action they decide to take. For single gents who are shy or lack confidence, or maybe had the confidence knocked out of them after a failed relationship. Seeing an escort may just be the tonic they need. Spending time with an attentive affectionate sexy lady could be very educational as well as helping you feel more comfortable with a pretty lady. It is often a good way to build self esteem. You will always get the men who are working away from home and are lonely in a strange city who seek out the company of a female escort to help pass the time. There are many reasons why seeing an escort is still popular and in this more enlightened age is probably even more so.