Market Street And City Centre Shopping

09 Sep , 2019

City centre shopping

It is well documented that Manchester’s main shopping centre is the Arndale centre and just over Corporation street which can also be accessed by the pedestrian bridge from the Arndale centre is the modern shopping area of Exchange square. However, this is by no means the full extent of the city centre’s shopping experience. Market Street for a long time has been the main shopping street. It runs from Corporation and Cross street up to Piccadilly gardens and has retail outlets, coffee shops and other businesses that make up a normal high street on both sides of this pedestrianised thoroughfare. There are other gems such as St. Anne’s square and the corn exchange , both of these specialising in independent boutiques.

Enjoy some high street shopping on Market street Manchester.

This for a long time has been the primary shopping experience in Manchester and this wide pedestrian thoroughfare is lined with shops, building societies , banks and cafe’s, almost everything you would find in a normal town centre. On one side of the street some of the bigger premises have a second entrance that takes you into the Arndale, two of the best examples of this is Aldi and Debenhams and there are a couple of direct separate entrances too. Some of the other household names on this street are Boots, Tesco and Primark.

Other  shopping in Manchester

The corn exchange is an interesting little shopping experience as it has some independent retailers as well as some favourites such as body shop and Adidas. It was built in the nineteenth century and traded in all sorts of food stuffs and materials. Now it is still trading but in a different way. Some of the smaller outlets are Aspecto, Bravissimo and Free spirit as well as places to eat and drink. It is somewhere worth visiting if only for the architecture. St. Anne’s square, just off market street is also jammed with small up market retailers.