Manchester's Park Attractions

04 Sep , 2019

It is worth visiting some of  Manchester’s parks

Like many cities Manchester. has some wide open spaces for recreation and to hold major outdoor events in. This adds to the quality of life of the inhabitants of the city, but not only that it attracts visitors and some of these parks are major attractions. Three major parks of note are Heaton park, Alexandra park and Chorlton water park. There is also Castlefield which is slightly different space, being classified as an urban heritage park and is of great historical value.   

The Attraction on Heaton park

Heaton hall is a former stately home and was once called the finest house in Lancashire being positioned to have uninterrupted views over the Pennines. Thirteen of the rooms are occasionally open to the public. There are plenty of attractions to explore such as  the Temple which is an ornamental structure and Smithy lodge which is a cottage near the east entrance of the park, it has now been fully restored. and Dower house another renovated listed building which is now home to the Manchester bee keepers society. The Western gardens have been returned to their former glory and provides a peaceful tranquil setting for a walk, as does the Walled Garden Horticultural centre. Have some fun in the boating lake. This is a park well worth a visit and many a Manchester escort would be ready and willing to accompany you as it would make a pleasant change, maybe mess around together in a boat. There really is so much to see and do  they even have a tramway which was originally built in 1903 to bring visitors in from Manchester. Part of this has been restored and there are 3 electric trams operating in the park.    

Alexandra park as an attraction

Alexandra park was originally designed to  provide a distraction and deter the working man from frequenting the ale houses as much, giving them something else to occupy them in their precious spare time. It is mainly just used as open space with trees and trails cutting through. It is also where gatherings and festivals can take place, such as the Caribbean music festival.