Manchester Theatre Attractions

08 Jan , 2020

Manchester  is a city of theatre goers

Many of the satellite towns in greater Manchester such as Oldham, Bolton, Bury and Ashton have Theatres of their own as this appears very much to be a theatre, arts and culture region. The City of Manchester itself supports several venues with the biggest two being the Opera house and the Palace. These two are part of the same company and tend to put on the lavish west end and Broadway shows many of them big musical hits such as The UK Pink Floyd experience, The exorcist and Amelie. The palace also shows some extravagant productions, like the Body guard and Magic of Motown. There is also another large theatre called the RNCM which has up to a 657 capacity if the music pit is not being used and that also features some large productions. Smaller intimate theatres like the Royal exchange theatre is also very popular, this is a theatre in the round and the performances are always atmospheric due to its size and configuration. There are many cultured Manchester escorts who would love to accompany you to a night out at the theatre.

The Home  Theatre complex

The Home has been purpose built to replace the Manchester Library theatre and the Corner house and has the facilities provided by these two former Manchester institutions under one roof. It boasts two theatres and five cinema screens an art gallery, book shop, cafe bar and restaurant. It is a perfect evening out with plenty of choice and a places you can takes a Manchester escort instead of going on your own. The atmosphere here is always relaxed and chilled. 

Contact Theatre

The contact theatre provides an artistic outlet to the youth of the region. and they put on innovative play and performances, many sold out in advance. A lot of the productions are new fresh and diverse so if you want to see something new and original then this is the place to go. It is only a short walk from either Whitworth street or Oxford street in the heart of the student area of the city.