How to stay friends with your hotel!

16 Oct , 2022

The first thing to remember when looking for an escort friendly hotel in Manchester is the way you behave within any of the hotels in question. Because it is of course two way traffic. The hotel and you have a deal and it’s only polite to consider them as they are hopefully considering you. They will almost all be happy to ignore the fact that a gorgeous girl has just taken the lift up to your floor to join you. It may be that she is a colleague, or it may be she is a portion of very sexy company! But whilst you are looking to enjoy yourself with your chosen hotel escort within the confines of your hotel room or suite, it is only when anything goes beyond those four walls that disturbs others, that your hotel management may express concern. So keeping it literally under wraps is what you aim for. While the moment where the very foundations of the hotel may be shaking for you, keeping the noise down is important. Respecting the property is another, so while you may be quite adventurous in using the facilities your luxury room offers, swinging from the chandeliers is a definite no! Bathe together, shower together, the bed, the table, the floor and the chairs may all invite one position or another for the two of you to try, but keep the furniture intact!

The perfect hotel escort

Booking one of the high class escorts from the Secret Babes escort agency is a great move, because these delightful young escorts are the soul of discretion. They will not draw attention to themselves when they arrive, they are comfortable in hotel environments, they maybe suggest meeting you in the bar so that you can go to your room together. They will dress to please you but will wear something bland to downplay their outside appearance. It is for you to discover the next layer down where she will be wearing the sexy lingerie that will inspire you further to greater things. If anyone is going to be able to keep this assignation a secret then it stands to reason that it will be one of these babes. It’s what they do!

Large hotel or small hotel

But a word to the wise. Most escort clients already know that the large hotel premises may prove to be the easier when you want to invite an escort over without attracting even a look of query, but a smaller hotel is not the same. So avoiding a small, or family run hotel is probably the best advice possible. There the person on the reception desk knows every movement and your business is not your own. Certainly not the place where you can relax with a sexy escort and enjoy the quality time that you seek. So gentlemen, the friendliest Manchester hotels in our terms are the bigger the better!!