Historical Attractions In Manchester

15 Aug , 2019

The historical importance of Manchester

Although it was the birthplace of the industrial revolutions its historical significances goes way beyond that as there was a Roman fort here. Though in the 19th century there was an infrastructure of canals running through Manchester transporting goods and raw materials and when the Manchester ship canal was completed the docks there were used to load and unload onto the smaller canal barges. Many of these canals have been restored for leisure purposes, but also some of the canal basins serve as a water feature for the city. Heritage is being used to enhance contemporary life as we know it now.

Castlefields basin is now a heritage park

This is an area that has been lovingly restored and helps pay homage to the days it was a hive of industry with working barges transporting coal and other commodities, many of the warehouses are either museum pieces or have a listed building status having been carefully converted for use as apartments, bars and commercial premises. This is a great area to stroll around, perhaps with a Manchester escort who knows what’s going on in the area. As you walk round the canals you will find interesting bars and other canal side venues dotted around. There is also the Castlefield bowl, an outdoor arena that hosts bands and classical concerts, The bowl area is also the focal point when events and carnivals are held here, this is often over a bank holiday weekend. When this happens it is full of fun and frivolity, escorts in Manchester love these events.

Manchester Cathedral

Though tucked away and often missed this really is a historical gem as it is documented as one of the oldest churches in Europe and can be dated back to circa 700 AD. It may not look much from the outside as it looks like any other old church, but the inside is certainly worth a visit. There are some hidden delights, like the hinged seats of the quire stalls, lift them up and you find carvings of medieval morality tales.