Explore Manchester With Your Escort And Discover Its Secret Places

22 May , 2019

There is the Manchester that everyone knows. That is the Piccadilly gardens area, Market street, Deansgate and streets off it, as well as the Areas around Albert square and the Gmex. However, there is so much more you can discover in this fabulous city, lots of hidden gems you could discover with your Manchester escort. This of course very much depends on what you are looking for. Are you and your escort in Manchester going in search of alternative places to eat or drink. Maybe you are looking for those small intimate live music venues that populate areas of the city. Maybe you are looking for the museums, galleries and libraries, many of which have great architectural value. Yes it is an interesting city if you embark on your own voyage of discovery. Perhaps your escort knows some or the weird and wonderful leisure pursuits you can discover.  

Finding different things to do with your escort   

There are a few quirky venues and things to do if you are prepared to look for them that you and your escort could have an immense amount of fun doing.  For starters there is the Junk Yard Golf club with its innovative crazy golf circuit which has to be seen to be believed. It is a venue where you could happily spend hours at having fun. Plenty of junk food too with a comprehensive menu that includes burgers and pizzas with an array of beers, ciders and cocktails, both alcoholic and non alcoholic to wash them down with, the music also adds to  the party atmosphere and vibe the place has. Maybe you and your Manchester escort will stay put for a while and join the fun. Close by to this is the bog bowl, which is a bowling, eating and drinking experience not to be missed in an intimate venue where you could form a bond with one of your Manchester escort. These to incredible venues are also a short distance from the Home cultural centre on Whitworth street.

Some alternative drinking holes to be discovered with your Manchester escort

There is the Piccadilly beer mile to be explored which is an informal tour which takes in three micro breweries all within a mile of each other  underneath the railway arches near the train station, good food and drink, what more could you ask for. One for the ladies is the Three Rivers Gin distillery underneath the railway arches on the other side of town at Redbank, the only gin distillery in Manchester in modern times which captures a bit of the city’s heritage and will surely be an experience your Manchester escort will enjoy and savour. This is virtually next door to the Redbank Co. which combines a bar, cafe, gallery and working photography studio in a small intimate setting. If you still feel the night is young after Redbank you could head off to the  hip and cool Northern quarter. There is a lot more to Manchester than the glitzy city centre areas. As with most things it is not much fun on your own and it is a much more interesting and enriching experience enlisting the help and knowledge of a local vibrant, vivacious Manchester escort.