Exchange Square Shopping In Manchester

06 Aug , 2019

Exchange square and New Cathedral street

This recently developed Exchange square and New Cathedral street. The whole site was newly built at the turn of the Millennium after the bomb explosion in the nineties did extensive damage. Shamble square next to Marks and Spencer was used to extend that particular store and the wood timbered medieval pubs were moved brick by brick a few hundred yards and are adjacent to the new elegant retail outlets that have now been constructed. Exchange square is a new open space where events and exhibitions are occasionally held with the tiered steps up to the designer shops sometimes doubling up as seating.        

An exclusive shopping experience

There  are very few ordinary retail outlets in this area except for the redeveloped Marks and Spencer. The new area is dominated by Harvey Nichols and Selfridges and what designer labels they do not cater for between them are covered by the company’s themselves such as Louis Vuitton , Burberry as well as others.

Harvey Nichols

They are only a few of these stores outside of Knightsbridge with Leeds and Edinburgh being the only other exceptions. This is an exclusive brand and retail experience that goes beyond shopping There are exclusive top name departments for men, women and children. Also having  one of the best bags, shoe and accessory sections imaginable. On top of this they cater for a whole range of beauty preparations and treatments including skin care and anti-aging. There is also male and female grooming. There is a food hall with an extensive range of teas, coffees and wines as well as the usual delicatessen. This is a shop you can plan to stay in all day and also avail yourself to the restaurant facilities. If you are with an elite Manchester escort she will be eager to thank you for the experience.