Cabana Brazilian Restaurant In Manchester

09 Jul , 2019

A new unique dining experience in Manchester

This really is a different dining experience, some would say off  the wall as they attempt to create the atmosphere and ambience of the Rio or San Paulo carnivals . This is a whole new dining concept as they try and make you feel that you are in the heart of Rio experiencing the taste of that rich cosmopolitan city. The journey starts as you enter, with a neon sign welcoming you to Brasil , if entering from the Corn exchange you immediately face a massive mural of Ipanema beach, where the beautiful people in Rio go to strut their stuff,  whilst above the stairs there is a huge image of Christ the Redeemer.

The food in Cabana is something different too

As soon as you enter the establishment they try and transport to a another world, not only do the pictures help, but the infusion of Brazilian cooking smells attack your senses adding to this illusion they are trying to make. You can maybe not afford to take your Manchester escort to Rio, but this may be the next best thing. They are trying to create a rustic authentic experience with chairs made from oil drums and crates , lights fashioned from kites; as would flutter over the beaches.   

Now the atmosphere has been created, what about the food

Some of the fayre you are presented with is Rio street food with skewers and cocktails. The menu follows the traditions of Brasilian churrascarias modern and new style dishes as well as local snacks found on most street corners. There are marinated skewers of all sorts of meat, spicy garnishes. These mouth watering dishes are served with staples such as sweet potato fries, black beans and Coconut Slaw. It is all very tasty in an informal atmosphere and an experience that should be a least tried as it is so different deviating from the norm.