The Gay Village And Canal Street Manchester

24 Dec , 2019

The village is a vibrant

Do not be put off this area if you are not gay as the Village and Canal street has an identity of its own which has an appeal to all sorts of people regardless of their gender or persuasion. This area lies just south of Piccadilly gardens and Portland street, near Chorlton street bus station and to the west off Piccadilly station and the Abode hotel. If you find canal street then you know you are in the heart of it,  Even in off season the area and especially Canal street is teaming with life and more than its fair share of interesting characters as they is a weird and wonderful display of alternate fashion. During gay pride week this place gets absolutely packed and is even more colourful than usual. Though this part of town is always about the celebration of gay culture and people come from all over the world to participate throughout the year. This is always a non threatening atmosphere and everyone feels safe. Ladies such as Manchester escorts enjoy a hassle free environment. 

Wander around and sample the atmosphere

This zone is all about atmosphere and having an insight into a different way of life especially if you are not gay. Even the bars and diners have a different feel to them as it is always chilled and light hearted. There are some novelty bars and cafes to sample such as the Alice in Wonderland  mad hatters tea party themed Richmond tea rooms. further along on this quaint street is the Molly House an intimate rustic pub  with vintage decor, serving homemade Tapas , cakes and carefully chosen range of drinks, The background music is just loud enough to add a touch of atmosphere and allows conversation to flow.

The Village never sleeps

Many of the clubs and night spots are open on extended licences till 5 in the morning and it is the place some revellers come after everywhere else is winding down. One club in particular keeps going till breakfast at 10 am, then I suppose it is on to the next bar opening.