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Are you an existing escort, or returning to escorting?

Why the GFE escort remains Manchester’s favourite escort

You and a Manchester escort job

When we advertise escorts jobs in Manchester we have certain requirements in mind and they match what our escort clients tell us they are looking for in the perfect escort date. It may be the nubile young 18 year old, a new escort that sends his desire into overdrive. But such a young escort can be rather predictable and in fact not give him the gratification that he needs! It is just as often, or even more often, that a client asks for an experienced escort, one who has the talents to stimulate his desire, the knowledge of all that it takes to bring pleasure and satisfaction – in a number of ways. That is why, when we advertise escorts jobs in Manchester, we are absolutely delighted to hear from the young woman who has been an escort before and is looking to make a second entrance into the escorting world. Or someone who is thinking about escorting for the first time, but in her 20s and 30s, but has that valuable life experience behind her. Or maybe with a less successful escorts agency in Manchester or elsewhere and hoping for a Manchester escorts job to further their career by joining one of the best escort agencies Manchester boasts – Secret Babes! 

Are you returning to escorting?

If you want to return to escorting after a break, then there is no better launching point for your career the second time around than here at Secret Babes! We shall value your expertise, knowing that our discerning clients will crave the sensual skills that will blow them away. You have already learned and understood all that it takes to make a man happy, and our clients love that sense of seduction that you bring to any liaison. You may have been taking a break because of a personal relationship, but discovered that it didn’t work out as planned, you may have been taking some personal R & R travelling perhaps, whatever the reason you are ready to embrace the escorting lifestyle enthusiastically for the second time! 

A little more mature but a first timer?

If you are looking for a Manchester escorts job as an alternative to your present career, then you will find it offers a whole lot more than the 9 – 5! You have given the regular jobs a go, but they don’t tick all of the boxes for you. No excitement, poor wages, few prospects, and most of all there is a part of you that craves male company more than is easily handled in a work environment. You are sexy and you know it! That is the one box that never gets ticked. You are not eager to settle down, but you want to have fun with different guys and no commitment required. A Manchester escorts job is the answer that you think could be your solution.

Are you escorting now and looking for a good escorts agency job?

Maybe you are an existing escort with another agency, in another town, or an independent escort already. Some start off as indie escorts but find it is more complicated than they thought to organise their bookings etc., so look for a great Manchester escort agency to look after them and allow them to do what they do best. You may be moving to Manchester and looking for the best escorts agency in Manchester to join, or you have not been as busy with a local escorts agency and are looking for better representation. We currently have jobs for experienced escorts!

WE will love to meet you ALL!! Secret Babes can be exactly what you are needing in an exclusive Manchester escort agency!!

For the guys who are looking for a raunchy, or even kinky escort date, the idea of a GFE escort may not appeal. But for the majority of escort clients at any of the Manchester escorts agencies, these are the much loved escorts who specialise in sexy TLC and they are still the number 1 request. Why? Because no one should imagine for a moment that this is vanilla. Of course, if vanilla is the way you want it then of course we can oblige. But one of the hot GFE escorts is more likely to offer special services to add to the sensual content of this escorts service than not!  It’s more a matter of establishing your special requests when you call to book your agency escort from this premium Manchester escort agency! No one has seen a missionary around here for a long time and that old fashioned position is largely history. Now it is more the way that you want it, being the personal service that these sensually aware escorts will be bringing you!

Getting down to the escort service

What happens on a GFE escort Manchester hook up starts as soon as the two of you meet in the flesh! She starts off with the deepest of a DFK, passion will shoot through your body like electricity. Then as the two of you get up close and personal, she will be warming things up with a sensual massage, her fingers caressing and stroking your body, or perhaps an OWO. Things are getting hotter by the minute! How you want your escort date to be personalised, tailored to your personal preferences and desires, can take so many different directions. This is all within the remit of the experienced GFE escorts Manchester loves. Love because of their versatility!  One look at the escort reviews left by clients who have enjoyed these Manchester escorts services, all speak of different positions, excesses of pleasure, inventive and responsive Manchester escorts, They certainly don’t complain of the average, the un-inspirational!  Or the boring!!!

Even the way that she dresses!

Whether you are the sort of lover that likes the titillation of sexy lingerie, undoing your beautiful escort companion from her laced up bustier, or you want the thrill of slipping off her dress to find her completely naked underneath, the way that an escort dresses, can add an extra frisson to the GFE date in Manchester. At this premier escorts agency Manchester clients choose for their adult entertainment they can enjoy so many different aspects of escort fun and the clothes that their Secretbabe escort wears, is undoubtedly one of them! Is a GFE escort on the nice side of the “naughty or nice” spectrum? Not necessarily. You tell us what you want and you will find that it is something that our high class GFE escorts will love to provide!

The escorts jobs in Manchester at this escorts agency open up a whole new world of fun and excitement for the right applicant! The question that you are maybe asking yourself is “Am I the right applicant and is a Manchester escort job for me?”

Well, if we can, we will help you get a clearer picture of what it takes and the lifestyle you could be having.

Have you got the qualities that make for a great escort in Manchester?

We have been in the escorting world for many years and so we have a pretty good idea of what our clients are looking for in a Manchester escort. Both from the escort herself and from this Manchester escorts agency. Clients like their escort companion to be:

  • Warm and welcoming
  • Sexy of course!
  • Good looking – hair, make-up, nails
  • Have a great body
  • Be sensual
  • Be on the adventurous side, or can we say open minded
  • Be available to meet up mostly at night or in the evening

So if you believe that you tick all of those boxes then that’s a great start!

What this agency looks for in a new Secret Babes Escort

We know that the most successful escorts in Manchester have certain other characteristics and also fall into three age groups. So, when advertising this escort job in Manchester we are looking for:

  • Teenage escort wannabes aged 18 and 19
  • Young women aged 20 – 29
  • Matures who are 30 to 35
  • Honest and reliable applicants
  • Applicants who are flexible in their availability and working hours
  • Those who have a genuine desire to please their clients

What we know escorts want from escorting

Our experience tells us that those who answer a escorts jobs in Manchester drive are looking for certain things. From their side of the arrangement, they want the working circumstances that can fit in with their existing life and responsibilities, and of course make it better! Do you want to be a Manchester Secret Babes escort and have:

  • A better income!
  • A secure and safe working environment
  • Room to express your true personality as the sexy, fun-loving individual you really are
  • A driver
  • Flexible rotas
  • A less boring job!!

Bringing everything together

Getting what everyone wants isn’t actually as difficult as it many seem. Clients like to book through a well-respected, premium Manchester escort agency like Secret Babes because they know that we will always aim to deliver what they want in terms of their quality time. A glamourous and sexy escort who shows that she is enjoying the fun they are having together, just as much as he are They are happy to pay for pleasure when they know that the escort is treated well and receives the majority of her escort rates. We take enough from each booking to pay our overheads and the escort driver, everything else comes to the escort. When new Manchester escorts start with us, they are amazed at the high income that they earn!

If you are looking for a Manchester escorts job, then get in touch with us by filling in our online application form or give us a call direct! You could be starting a new career, earning a top income, and embracing a new lifestyle in a matter of days!

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