Hotel Gotham Manchester

14 Nov , 2019

The Gotham hotel Kings street Manchester city centre

If you read several reviews or descriptions regarding this five star establishment you cannot escape from seeing the words decedent or decadence liberally applied. Phrases including the words opulence and elegance also immediately spring to mind.  This is unashamedly a themed hotel that offers not only luxury, but escapism too. You can lose yourself in an opulent fantasy world. If you have a new girl friend, mistress or elite Manchester escort you want to impress this would certainly be the place to take them. This is not ordinary five star hotel, it is an establishment that makes a bold statement. As well as keeping to the Gotham theme, this art deco building was formerly a bank and that is also incorporated with gold bullion tiles and vault doors in some areas.  This is not a place to stay on your own as you will feel the need to share the experience. So if you do not have a partner you could delight a high class elite Manchester escort by asking her to join you.

Food and drink at the Gotham

This is a place that excels in everything it does, even having a chauffeur service. However, we still need to leave some accolades and praises for the Honey restaurant which has a small, but high quality imaginative menu options such as sea bream with tomato, artichoke and brazil nut. The bar is in the exclusive Brass private members club, where guests are welcome, is on the seventh floor and exudes elitism and mainly for the summer months has 3 outdoor terraces. The theme here is in keeping with the rest of the hotel and is decked out in the style of prohibition style speakeasy. Though the suggestion of money and wealth is there as that is what the term brass means in this neck of the woods.