A German Themed Club In Manchester

03 Jul , 2019

No city is complete without its own version of the Bier Keller and Manchester is no exception. However, the weird thing about this venue is it is downstairs in the basement of the same building as the Albert hall which is one of the most iconic clubs in the city, giving a good contrast in the same building. It is right in the heart of the city centre and a great place to move on to or from. It is Manchester’s first Tankovna with a reputation of serving the purest pilsner outside Bavaria. To complement its fine choice of ten heritage brews it has a selection of Alpine cocktails and homemade Schnapps. It also have a typically Bavarian food menu to help soak up the Alcohol. The club offers an alternative venue to let off steam with a night of partying and debauchery. Bring along your Manchester escort as this a place you could both truly lose your inhibitions. It is also very handy if you have hit on a sold out night at the Albert hall as this downstairs club could be the place to drown you disappointment

There is always something to entertain you

It is always worth looking on the website as they are always putting on shows to entertain, provoke or amuse you. There is something different on every night with a resident DJ and band as well as a different features every night, on Friday “Get on the Piste” features local talent from the Manchester area, with the quirky Sunday service, on guess when; Sunday. Look at the website as there is bound to be something for you get involved in. 

Food and drink at the Albert Schloss

As well as the German beers and cocktails  readily available a variety of Prosecco and wine is a available. The club has a breakfast menu provided by their bakery, lunch that features such favourites as a few variations on the Pretzel theme and dinner with anything from Black Forest Salad to Honey roast duck, Charred Mackerel and pan roasted Salmon is a small part of the selection on offer.